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"Value Added Tax" (VAT)is a tax on value addition and a multi point tax, which is levied at every stage of sale. It is collected at the stage of manufacture/resale and contemplates rebating of tax paid on inputs and purchases.

Registration required if:
  • If turnover exceeds Rs10 lakhs in the Year preceding this act or Current year.
  • Liable to pay tax or is registered under CST act , 1956.
  • Dealer who imports taxable goods for selling any goods into Delhi ,
  • Indirect Tax Advisory
  • Rendering assistance in registration under VAT.
  • Assistance in claiming input tax credit.
  • Assistance in furnishing tax returns and claiming refunds.
  • Advice on the legal aspects of VAT.
  • Rendering advice on the wide range of issues in relation to tax invoices and retails invoices.
  • Internal Audit and Compliance Reviews.
  • Helping with audit of accounts necessary for a registered dealer.
  • Representation for Assessments and other proceedings.



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